Over the River and…


The trip to Central Oregon is always tricky this time of year!  Yesterday, we ventured across the Cascades and made our way to Redmond to be vendors at the Holiday Food and Gift Festival.  We delight in the opportunity to sell our products in Central Oregon. So many folks here are originally from the valley and they miss having beautiful holly as readily available as we have it in the Willamette Valley.  We come to the show prepared too!  Any customer who has ordered the previous year is astouded by the fact that we come with their gift list from that year.  So, if they have forgotten what wreath they sent to Aunt Mae and Uncle Jimmy, WE KNOW!  If you’re in the Central Oregon area, stop by and see us at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds, booth 311 tomorrow (Nov. 18) & Sunday (Nov. 19)!  We’ll help make your holiday shopping/decorating  easier!

A fun note from a customer!

In January, our friends Ann and Dave in New England shared this with us!  We love that even after the season is over, our products are being enjoyed – just by a different species!!  They sent the following photo and comment:

This year, I spotted a process I hadn’t noticed in the past. Your wreaths rest on top of the composting pile until I get around to dismantling them, but the squirrels help out by plucking all the berries and having a feast on the rock wall.


December Snowfall!

Our holly season has ended for 2016 with a beautiful snowfall!  We received about 4″ of snow at the farm, and with the snow and ice comes an immediate halt to our harvest. And since we have reached the 15th of December, it brings to a close the creation of wreaths, centerpieces and the rest of our beautiful creations.   It warmed today, just enough for icicles to form off the edges of the holly leaves.  A shiny jewel accenting the natural gloss of the leaves and the glow of the scarlet berries.

Its peaceful and quiet, with just the hoof prints from the deer and paw prints of Sweet Pea, our little mouser pussy cat, to break the surface of the snow around the trees. Around the 8th of December every year, the birds come in to feast on the holly berries. This year was no different. Robins, jays and other winged creatures continue to dart madly from tree to tree gorging themselves on the festive treat.  And though winter is still six days away, they carry on with the feast as though spring will never come!

We will spend the ten days between now and Christmas cleaning up the shop and putting it back to its previous state of being, our party and recreation space – ready to entertain friends and family in the new year. Then, next October, we will transform it back to our own “Santa’s Workshop”, ready to create your holiday decorations and gifts.

So, for now, from all of us here at Mill Creek Holly Farms to all of you in the greater world, we wish you a Christmas filled with blessings and a new year abundant with adventures!

Happy Holly Days!!

PS: If you have photos of your holly decorations, we invite you to post and share!

To be prickly or not be prickly?

I came across an interesting article posted by National Geographic.  Seems as though (like WE didn’t already know) holly leaves on the same tree can be VERY different!  Take a read of this:

Some trees looked like they had been browsed upon by wild goats and deer. On those trees, the lower 8 feet (2.5 meters) had more prickly leaves, while higher up the leaves tended to be smooth. Scientists wanted to figure out how the holly trees could make the change in leaf shape so quickly.


Changes are coming!

We’re a a little way from seeing snow in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, but the season has definitely changed to fall. The brisk night air is slowly persuading the holly berries to their perfect shade of red!

Our harvest will begin in about 10 days – first for our wholesale customers and then right after Thanksgiving the craziness begins!

Our retail customers should be receiving their NEW Holiday Wish List in the mail in the next few days, if not already.  Or skip the wait and order from our new website at www.millcreekholly.com

We look forward to posting some exciting photos of the activities surrounding the harvest and happenings here at the farm! Keep your eyes open – you might even see the wreath you ordered being made!

For now – wishing you a blessed and relaxing fall from Mill Creek Holly Farms!